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Open source
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Automatisch helps you to automate your business processes without coding.
Use our affordable cloud solution or self-host on your own servers.

A sample flow using Twitter as the trigger and Slack as an action

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Data Privacy
Automatisch allows you to store your data on your own servers
Companies dealing with sensitive user data, particularly in industries like healthcare and finance, or those based in Europe bound by General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), cannot afford to share such information with external cloud services.
Open Source
Anyone can have an impact on how Automatisch is being developed.
Whether you're a software developer, a user, or an enthusiast, your feedback, suggestions, and contributions can help shape the direction of Automatisch's development. Anyone can have an impact on how Automatisch is being developed.
No vendor lock-in
Have more control and avoid being tied to a specific vendor
It enables users to avoid the risk of becoming dependent on a single vendor or technology. This reduces the potential for vendor lock-in, which can limit flexibility and increase costs. By avoiding vendor lock-in, users can remain flexible.
An opportunity to use different integrations easily

We integrate with the most widely used online services in the market so you can grow your business by building workflows.

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Join our open source community

We have an open source community where we encourage collaboration between different people and users.

Meet our team and contributors

We are software engineers who see the power of automation and love solving complex problems. By building Automatisch, we aim to help businesses automate their workflows as much as possible without investing a lot of time and effort.

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Ali Barın

Ali Barın

Ömer Faruk Aydın

Ömer Faruk Aydın