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How to set environment variables?

You can modify the docker-compose.yml file to override environment variables. Please do not forget to change in main and worker services of docker-compose since the following variables might be used in both.

Environment Variables


The default values for some environment variables might be different in our development setup but following table shows the default values for docker-compose setup, which is the recommended way to run the application.


Please be careful with the ENCRYPTION_KEY and WEBHOOK_SECRET_KEY environment variables. They are used to encrypt your credentials from third-party services and verify webhook requests. If you change them, your existing connections and flows will not continue to work.

Variable NameTypeDefault ValueDescription
HOSTstringlocalhostHTTP Host
PROTOCOLstringhttpHTTP Protocol
PORTstring3000HTTP Port
APP_ENVstringproductionAutomatisch Environment
WEB_APP_URLstringCan be used to override connection URLs and CORS URL
WEBHOOK_URLstringCan be used to override webhook URL
LOG_LEVELstringinfoCan be used to configure log level such as error, warn, info, http, debug
POSTGRES_DATABASEstringautomatischDatabase Name
POSTGRES_SCHEMAstringpublicDatabase Schema
POSTGRES_PORTnumber5432Database Port
POSTGRES_ENABLE_SSLbooleanfalseEnable/Disable SSL for the database
POSTGRES_HOSTstringpostgresDatabase Host
POSTGRES_USERNAMEstringautomatisch_userDatabase User
POSTGRES_PASSWORDstringPassword of Database User
ENCRYPTION_KEYstringEncryption Key to store credentials
WEBHOOK_SECRET_KEYstringWebhook Secret Key to verify webhook requests
APP_SECRET_KEYstringSecret Key to authenticate the user
REDIS_HOSTstringredisRedis Host
REDIS_PORTnumber6379Redis Port
REDIS_USERNAMEstringRedis Username
REDIS_PASSWORDstringRedis Password
REDIS_TLSbooleanfalseRedis TLS
TELEMETRY_ENABLEDbooleantrueEnable/Disable Telemetry
ENABLE_BULLMQ_DASHBOARDbooleanfalseEnable BullMQ Dashboard
BULLMQ_DASHBOARD_USERNAMEstringUsername to login BullMQ Dashboard
BULLMQ_DASHBOARD_PASSWORDstringPassword to login BullMQ Dashboard