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This page explains the steps you need to follow to set up the Flickr connection in Automatisch. If any of the steps are outdated, please let us know!

  1. Go to the link to create an app on Flickr API.
  2. Click Request an API key.
  3. Apply for a non-commercial key.
  4. Fill the field of What is the name of your app?.
  5. Fill the field of What are you building?.
  6. Check the checkboxes.
  7. Click on Submit button.
  8. Copy Key and Key Secret values and save them to use later.
  9. Click Edit auth flow for this app to configure "Callback URL".
  10. Copy OAuth Redirect URL from Automatisch and paste it to the Callback URL field.
  11. Click Save changes.
  12. Paste Key and Secret values you have saved from the 8th step and paste them into Automatisch as Consumer Key and Consumer Secret, respectively.
  13. Click Submit button on Automatisch.
  14. Now, you can start using the Flickr connection with Automatisch.