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This page explains the steps you need to follow to set up the Twitter connection in Automatisch. If any of the steps are outdated, please let us know!

  1. Go to the Twitter Developer Portal, complete the questionnaire and click the Let's do this button.
  2. Accept terms & conditions on the following page and click Submit.


If you see an error saying There was a problem completing your request. User must have a verified phone number on file prior to submitting application. Go to the phone settings page and set up your phone number to be able to continue on step 2.

  1. You will get a verification email from Twitter. Click on Confirm your email button.
  2. Fill out the App name field and click on the Get keys button.
  3. Copy API Key and API Key Secret values and save them to use later.
  4. Click Dashboard and Yes, I saved them buttons, respectively.
  5. Go to the App settings link in the project section you have created.
  6. Go to the User authentication settings section and click Set up.
  7. Enable OAuth 1.0a on the following page.
  8. In the OAuth 1.0A Settings section, select Read and write option.
  9. Copy OAuth Redirect URL from Automatisch and paste it to the Callback URI / Redirect URL field.
  10. Fill Website URL and click Save.
  11. Paste API Key and API Key Secret values you have saved from the 5th step and paste them into Automatisch as API Key and API Secret, respectively.
  12. Congrats! You can start using the new Twitter connection!